Our Services

Below you will find a description of the services we offer and a little bit about why you may want to choose us to book your dream vacation!


We offer a wide range of travel planning services.  We can book destinations around the world, including the major cruise lines (ocean and river), big name theme park resorts (Disney / Universal), all-inclusive resorts, organized group or private tours, major hotel brands, and fully customized itineraries.

Vacation Planning Process


Unless you know the exact details of the travel you would like booked, it is always great to start with a consultation. We can do this via telephone, video call, text message, in person (in the Philadelphia, PA area), or using any other method that makes you comfortable. During the consultation we will get to know you and hear about your travel dreams and we will ask questions that will help us create a great itinerary for your needs.

Prepare Quotes

After we have gathered all the necessary details about your travel dreams, we will explore options from the specific providers you requested, or from a range of great travel suppliers if you have not pre-selected a certain one. We will prepare one or more quotes for you to consider. We can make modifications and adjustments as needed to create the perfect fit for your

Book your Vacation

Once you have selected your preferred quote from the options provided, we will book your vacation and you can sit back and relax knowing that you have an incredible trip to look forward to!

Benefits of using our Services

One of the main benefits of working with a travel advisor is that we can bring not only our personal knowledge about travel destinations, but also the experiences of our clients and our travel agency partners. We can help you navigate the often complicated logistics of planning a vacation and can give you tips and insights to help make your trip magical. In many cases, we may be able to suggest destinations and itineraries that you may not have been aware of but better fit your needs.

We do the work of searching through various supplier offerings or helping pick the best itineraries to meet your needs, this saving you hours of time.

In some cases we may be aware of or have access to promotions and discount pricing that may not be available directly to customers.  In addition, we will constantly track your reservation and if new better promotions or pricing are released, we will attempt to move you to the new price, thereby saving you money!

In most cases there is absolutely no charge for our services! In rare cases, such as for complex itineraries or certain destinations we need to charge a small fee to cover our time and expense incurred planning your vacation.  We provide no-obligation quotations completely free of charge and will let you know when providing a quote whether a fee applies, so there is no risk in contacting us!  We also reward loyalty, so our returning clients do not pay any fees regardless of type of travel.  Visit our Fees page for more details.

If attempting to plan a big vacation stresses you out, then you definitely should consider using a travel advisor. We do our best to make the experience enjoyable rather than stressful and we can handle all the little details, including making any calls to suppliers to make sure everything is planned correctly. If something goes wrong during your travel, we will be your advocate and try to resolve any issues so you can focus on enjoying your vacation.

Our travel agency is queer and vegan owned and we understand that travel can bring unique challenges to people of minority populations or those who have special needs, such as accessibility and dietary requirements.  We will help guide you to destinations and suppliers who can best meet your unique needs and we want everyone we work with to feel completely welcome and safe.

Ready to start planning your dream vacation?