Fees List

See below for our fees list

In most cases we do not need to charge any fees for our services because we are paid commissions by the suppliers with whom you book travel (at no additional cost to you).  However, for travel planning that does not include commissions, we need to charge fees to cover our time and expenses. As outlined below, in order to reward our loyal customers, we offer fee refunds in some cases and we waive certain fees for repeat clients.

Our fees are based on whether you are a new or returning client and whether the trip is commissionable or not.  Definitions of new/returning clients and commissionable travel are provided below.

Fees for New Clients

If you are a new client as defined below, then the following fees apply.

  • Commissionable vacation packages – No fee to book travel, $50 fee if you cancel your trip and the suppliers don’t pay us the commission.
  • Non-commissionable travel – Depends on complexity of travel, but our Travel Planning fee starts at $50.  In most cases the fee will be less than $200.  We will advise when responding to your request for a quote what our fee will be and you may choose to proceed or not.
  • Refunds: We provide refunds of the above fees if you complete a commissionable trip with us or you refer someone who completes a trip with us within the 12 month period following payment of your travel planning fee.  The refund will be issued less any transaction fees we incur.  If you book a separate commissionable trip with us at the same time as the non-commissionable travel, we will simply directly waive the planning fee for the non-commissionable travel.
  • Adventure Alchemists, LLC may waive fees at our discretion on a case-by-case basis.

Fees for Returning Clients

We want to reward our returning clients, so we do not charge any fees for returning clients!

New and Returning Clients Definition

Returning clients include anyone who has completed a trip with us in the past 24 months or who has completed at least 3 trips with us over time.  Everyone else is considered a new client.

Commissionable Travel Definitions

Commissionable Travel is any booked travel or activity for which the supplier of the service pays Adventure Alchemists directly.  Examples of commissionable travel include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Cruises on major river and ocean cruise lines
  • Disney World and Disneyland vacation packages
  • Universal Studios tickets and vacation packages
  • All-inclusive resorts (such as Sandals and Beaches)
  • Organized Private or Group tours from one of our partner suppliers
  • Rental cars with major rental car companies
  • Hotel stays at major hotel chains

Non-commissionable Travel is any travel or activity where the supplier does not pay a commission directly to Adventure Alchemists. Examples of non-commissionable travel include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Airfare
  • Tokyo Disneyland or Shanghai Disneyland tickets, hotel, or vacation packages
  • AirBNB or VRBO vacation villas
  • Any activities with providers who are not on our partner suppliers list